Jane’s favourite 5 Kaleos Collection sunglasses

With the arrival of another Kaleos Collection delivery from Spain, I thought I’d quickly run you through my top 5 picks. In a collection this good, it’s hard choosing favourites, but here we go!

Kaleos Fraze in Navy

I am an absolute sucker for anything navy and this classic, unisex sunglass is a beauty! Paired with a fun blue photochromatic lens taking it from a category 1 through to a category 3 lens. Yep they go darker outside- how cool is that? Perfect for when you’re ducking in and out of the shops and don’t want to have to take your sunnies on and off.

Kaleos Charlton in Green

There’s something just so cool about these ones! The shape, the colour, the gold rivets- it all just works so well together. These ones feature a green photochromatic lens that pairs perfectly with the army green tone of the frame.

Kaleos Simone 1 in Dark Tortoise

I loved these ones so much I bought myself a pair! When it comes to sunnies, I love a classic and timeless style, and these ones absolutely tick those boxes. With so many tones of tortoiseshell on the market choosing the right tone for your colourings is the key. For me and many others this dark tortoise works really well.

Kaleos Campbell in Black

Because nothing compares to a good black cat eye. As I heard Chris say many times over the years I worked with him, “a cat eye is the most flattering shape ever designed for women”. It’s a style that has stood the test of time and is never going to date. If you haven’t worn one, this is a great one to start with.

Kaleos Patrick in Black

Last but absolutely not least is one of my favourites, the round eye Patrick. I love the black, tort and white colour combo, but like all Kaleos Collection models, there are plenty of great colour ways available. This model also makes a great clear optical frame too and is also a really stylish choice for adding photochromatic lenses that adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors making them a really versatile pair of glasses.

So that’s a wrap on my favourite 5. If you think you might need to add a pair of Kaleos sunnies to your collection, come in and try some on in store, or give us a call on 03 52225353 for more details. We’d love to help you select one from this beautiful collection.

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